Why Therapy?


In essence, psychotherapy is an art and science devoted to relieving mental suffering. Such suffering can come from distressing thoughts, painful emotions, self-defeating behaviors. We can struggle with problems at work, in relationships, with aging and loss. We might feel joyless, depressed, anxious, conflicted about making decisions or unable to move forward in our lives without fear. We might have experienced disabling trauma.

I offer therapy that is guided not only by study, training, teaching, and research in psychology and psychoanalysis but also by some of the oldest and finest disciplines serving the spirit: art, philosophy and literature.

Compassion, attention, dedication and gentleness accompany eighteen years of experience in the service of offering my clients informed help in a unique and inviting setting in the city of Guelph.

Laurette Larocque, Ph.D. (Applied Psychology and Human Development, University of Toronto).